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一、1.Listening Comprehension

Part I Listening Comprehension (15 points, 1 point each)

0.Section ADirections: In this section, you"ll hear five short conversations. After each conversation, a question will be asked about what was said. The conversation and question will be read only once. Listen carefully and choose the best answer to each question.(1)

A.Not to go shopping downtown.B.Guard her money.C.Look for a new wallet.D.Not to take the train.


A.Working on an assignment together.B.What they will do that afternoon.C.How they will spend the weekend.D.Returning books to the library.


A.He didn"t have time to go to the movie.B.The movie was not worth seeing.C.The movie was inexpensive.D.He didn"t understand the movie.


A.He is doing well in the class.B.The book is confusing.C.The lecture is not very clear.D.The lecture are from the book.


A.The man used to be unhealthy.B.The man is handsome.C.The man ate a lot every day.D.The man has become a better person.


6. 【B2】


7. 【B3】


8. 【B4】 generalC.generallyD.greatly

9. 【B5】


二、2.Vocabulary and Structure

Part II Vocabulary and Structure (20 points, 1 point each)Directions: There are 20 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are choices marked A, B,C and D. Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter with a single line through the center.

0. A smart appearance makes a______ impression at an interview.


1. It is recommended that passengers______ smoke during the flight.

A.notB.need notC.could notD.would not

2. The price of beer ______ from 50 cents to $4 per liter during the summer season.


3. As we all know, fresh air, nutritious food and exercise______ to better health.


4. He failed in this exam, ______ proves that he wasn"t working hard enough.


5. ______ with the size of the whole earth, the highest mountain does not seem high at all.

A.ComparedB.CompareC.ComparingD.While comparing

6. After the flood. the villagers are trying their best to get thing back to______.


7. The murderer was brought in, with his hands______ behind his back.

A.being tiedB.having be tiedD.tied

8. To be frank, I really prefer the former program to the______.


9. We received 400 applications______ the job.


10. This hotel______ $60 for a single room with bath.


11. ______ the content is concerned, the book is worth reading.

A.As long asB.As far asC.As well asD.As good as

12. He hoped the firm would______ him to the Paris branch.


13. Not only you and I but Peter, the top student in our grade, ______ not able to solve the problem.

14. You should have to______ your way of thinking to the new life style.


15. Only when he had done it______ that he had made a mistake.

A.he then realizedB.he realizedC.did he realizeD.before he realize

16. The European Union countries were once worried that they would not have ______ supplies of petroleum.


17. This is______ the first time you have been late. all no some any case

18. Not having a good command of English can be a serious______ preventing you from achieving your goals.


19. He thinks he is superior______ his classmates because his father is an important person.


三、3.Reading Comprehension

Part III Reading Comprehension

A.easily accept certain things without a second thoughtB.grow up through learning certain things in lifeC.are forming their views during their growthD.have strong beliefs in authorities while getting old

1. Nowadays, most colleges and universities encourage students to______.

A.criticize othersB.share professors beliefsC.give their own ideasD.change their own beliefs

2. The word "shaky" (line 1, para. 3) most probably means"______".


3. To help students develop their critical thinking, professors mainly teach them

A.choice of their premisesB.the way to think independentlyC.skills of drawing conclusionsD.different kinds of argument

4. According to the writer, the right way to argue is to______.

A.argue mainly for the sake of arguingB.prove it with a good your idea with sound reasoningD.examine others" ideas critically enjoyed by all peopleB.what we can buy and sell in publicC.products that we make for national defenseD.taxes paid by the people involved

6. The writer gives the example of national defense in paragraph 2 in order to show that______.

A.there will be no safety if there is no national defenseB.all the people should be responsible for national defenseC.a public good is a shared benefit for the whole societyD.some public goods are more important than others

7. The person who does not pay for a public good______.

A.keeps himself from using its benefitB.cannot enjoy its benefit at any timeC.fails to keep its benefit from being usedD.enjoys its benefit all the same

8. In the third paragraph the author explains______.

A.what role the market system plays in producing public weak the market system is in producing public goodsC.why some people refuse to pay for public goodsD.what we can do not make use of the market system

9. From the passage we learn that the purpose of collecting taxes is to______.

A.ensure the continuous supply of public goodsB.reduce the difference between the rich and the poorC.get extra money to support public goodsD.remind people of their duty

A.the increase of populationB.the limited energy resourcesC.the more serious air pollutionD.the development of technology

11. From the passage, we can know that______.

A.effective measures can be taken mainly by the governmentB.taking measures now can soon improve the environmentC.immediate measures can cause great suffering and social problemsD.every single person"s action has some effect on environment protection

12. The author"s main purpose in writing this passage is most probably to______.

A.complain about people"s slow actions to protect the environmentB.advise people to take actions to protect the himself to be an active environment protectorD.point out the bad effects of technologies on protecting environment

13. The author believes that carpooling______.

A.can give help to those without carsB.can save people money and timeC.can save energy resources and reduce air pollutionD.can promote friendship among drivers

14. The passage is mainly about______. resources savingB.environment protectionC.population controlD.air pollution

16. When will the man stop working in the department?

17. How long has the man worked in the department?

18. What win the man do for the person that the manager selects to fill his position?

19. What kind of impression does the department make on Mr. Li ?


Part IV Translation (20 points, 2 points each)Directions: The translation should be written after the corresponding numbers on the Answer Sheet.

0.Section ADirections: Translate the following English into Chinese. (10 points) His ignorance of the company"s financial situation resulted in his failure to take effective measures.

1. Although some areas suffered from serious natural disasters, the total grain output was higher than that of last year.

2. Pessimistic forecasts say that there is only enough coal for 450 years, enough natural gas for 50 years and that oil might run out in 30 years.

3. For one reason or another, all countries impose trade barriers on certain goods crossing their borders.

4. Every employer wants and needs employees who can suggest improvements in an honest and constructive manner.

5.Section BDirections: Translate the following Chinese into English. (10 points) 我代表公司对你所做的一切向你表示感谢。

6. 高昂的学费使一些贫穷的学生不能进入大学。

7. 我们最关心的是那个城市的饮用水的质量。

8. 鉴于政府在解决事业问题上的效果不佳,他们在选举中获胜的机会似乎不大。

9. 在我们做出决定前,必须确定我们已经将所有有关因素考虑进去了。


Part V Writing (10 points)

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