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Identification Directions: Each of the following sentences has four underline parts marked A, B, C and D. Identify the ONE that is not correct. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.

0. (Having been) finished (his) breakfast, (he) went out (for) a walk.

A.Having beenB.hisC.heD.for

1. He had trouble (finding out) (that) the capital of the country (lay in) the coastal area or (in the mountains).

A.finding outB.thatC.lay the mountains

2. (In) his (latest) article Tom criticizes the way (which) the war (is being handled). being handled

3. John said his mother (would buy him) a (five-speeds) racing bicycle (for) his (sixteenth) birthday.

A.would buy himB.five-speedsC.forD.sixteenth

4. You should make (the other) fellow (to feel important), if you want to get along with him and have him (like) you, because that is (the way to do it).

A.the feel importantC.likeD.the way to do it

5. The girls (were sorry) to (had missed) the singers (when) they (arrived at) the airport.

A.were sorryB.had missedC.whenD.arrived at

6. (In our great surprise), he (died) suddenly (with his lifework) (unfinished).

A.In our great surpriseB.diedC.with his lifeworkD.unfinished

7. The state of Washington, (which) entered the Union (in 1889), (was) named for honor (of) George Washington. 1889C.wasD.of

8. There are (hundred) (of kinds) of cheeses, and (they) differ in taste, texture, and (appearance).

A.hundredB.of kindsC.theyD.appearance

9. Hardly (he had) entered (the office) when he realized (that he had) (forgotten) his wallet.

A.he hadB.the officeC.that he hadD.forgotten

三、3.Vocabulary and Structure

Part I Vocabulary and StructureDirections: Each of the following sentences is provided with four choices. Choose the one that best completes the sentence. Then, mark your answer on the Answer Sheet.

0. "Do you think ______ I should attend the lecture?" she asked me.


1. The man denied ______ any thing at the supermarket when he was questioned by the police. have stealC.having stolenD.having been stealing

2. The farmer used wood to build a house ______ to store grain. whichC.whichD.where

3. Never before that night ______ the extent of my own power.

A.had I feltB.I had feltC.did I feelD.I did felt

4. Whether she will go or not is ______


5. She is so ______ that she doesn"t even know where Beijing is.


6. They are ______ from each other by commas.


7. Not only ______tolerant of other people"s opinions, but he is also patient.

A.he heC.he will beD.will he be

8. The island"s chief ______ was its beauty.


9. She was glad that the wicked man had decided ______

A.not killing herB.his not killing herC.not to kill not kill her

10. I think the ______ are more important to us than the dead.


11. Ann prefers hiking ______ the cinema. going toB.than going toC.than to go go to

12. The clothes a person wears may express his ______ or social position.


13. What she does is often contrary ______ what she says.


14. Grace ______ tears when she heard the sad news.

A.broke inB.broke intoC.broke offD.broke through

15. By the year 2010, scientist probably ______ a cure for cancer.

A.will be discoveringB.are discoveringC.will have discoveredD.have discovered

16. Johan"s score on the test is the highest in the group; he ______ last night.

A.should have studiedB.must have studiedC.has studiedD.should study

17. All things ______, her paper is of great value.

A.considerB.having consideredC.consideredD.considering

18. I am sure he is fully ______ of the danger.


19. We can surely ______ all difficulties that may come up.

A.get onB.come overC.get overD.come across

20. She sent her son to England so that he could learn English from ______ speakers.


21. When Jane fell off the bike, the other children ______

A.were not able to help laughterB.could not help but laughingC.could not help laughingD.could not help to laugh

22. Every means ______ but without much result.

A.have been triedB.has been triedC.have triedD.has tried

23. lt"s time we ______ away with our shabby shelf.

A.didB.doC.have doneD.shall do

24. I had my teeth ______ out yesterday because I suffered a lot. pullD.pull

25. ______ about the robbery, the policemen rushed out in their cars to catch the robbers.

A.Having been informedB.Having informedC.InformingD.Be informed

26. Professor Knight, ______ list of achievements includes two Nobel Prizes, will address the meeting tonight.


27. My teacher ______ me to speak English.


28. His salary as a bus driver is much higher ______ comparison the salary of a teacherB.than a teacherC.than that of a compare as a teacher

29. Some women ______ a good salary in a job instead of staying home, but they decided not to work for the sake of the family.

A.must makeB.should have madeC.would makeD.could have made

四、4.Reading Comprehension

Part III Reading ComprehensionDirections: In this part there are four passages. Each passage is followed by a number of comprehension questions. Read the passages and choose the best answer to each question. Then, mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

A.Many computers were attacked by a virus in the U. S.B.Many computers attacked by a virus in the U.S. lost their information.C.A computer virus can harm human body.D.A computer virus can help the computer owner do many things.

2. A computer virus ______. the same as a biological also an a series of electronic one of biological viruses

3. In paragraph 1, "They were linked by telephones", "they" refers to ______.

A.computersB.government agenciesC.private companiesD.universities

4. The virus can affect the computers in the computer system by ______.

A.turning off the powerB.making them copy itselfC.sending them copies of itselfD.sending them some destructive ordens directly trainD.with his family

7. He postponed his trip. Here the word" postponed" means ______.

A.insisted onB.put offC.stoppedD.regretted

11.David was a young man who worked in an office in a big city. His hobby was fishing, but he didn"t often get a chance to practise it. Then one summer he decided to have a holiday in a beautiful place in the mountains where here were a lot of streams. "I ought to be able to have some good fishing there," he said to himself. The first morning after he arrived, he walked to the nearest stream with his fishing-rod. He aw an old man standing beside the water, so he asked him whether it was a private(私人的) stream. The old man answered it was not, so David then said to him, "Well, then it won"t be a crime(犯罪) if I catch some fish here, will it?" "Oh, no," answered the old man. "It won"t be a crime, but it will certainly be a miracle(奇迹)

8. The owner gave the night watchman 5,000 dollars ______. a his a prize for his hard workD.because the night watchman had saved him in time of danger

9. The night watchman was fired because ______.

A.he didn"t devote himself to his workB.he told the owner the terrible dreamC.he always told the truthD.he dreamed terrible dreams

A.interested inB.good inD.not fond of

12. "I ought to be able to have some good fishing there "means "______"

A.I may get chances to fishB.I would get a lot of fishC.I will have chances to learn to fishD.I will be able to get some good fish

13. "It won"t be a crime, but it will certainly be a miracle" means "______"

A.Since no other persons are here, I wont disclose (揭发) itB.It will certainly be a miracle if I don"t disclose itC.There isn"t any fish in the streamD.I will surely report you to the owner of the stream

14. From the story we can know David was an ________ man.

A.kindB.experiencedC.arrogant(自大的)D.honest but inexperienced(无经验的) clean the please the see a surprise the story-teller

17. When the nurse talked to mum she thought mum was a _______.


18. After reading the story what can we infer about the hospital?

A.It is a children"s has strict rules about visiting hour.C.The conditions there aren"t very good.D.The nurses and doctors there don"t work hard.


Part IV ClozeDirections: There are some blanks in the following passages. For each blank there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. You should choose the one that best fits into the passages. Then, mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.









A.morningB.the noonC.nightD.noon






A.about a dayB.for an hourC.afternoonD.years





六、6.Translation from English to Chinese

Part VI Translation from English to ChineseDirections: This part is to test your ability to translate English into Chinese.

0. Currently, rules on using these devices are left up to individual airlines.

1. Experts know that portable devices emit radiation which affects those wavelengths which aircraft use for navigation and communication.

2. As worrying, though, is the passenger who can"t hear the instructions to turn off his radio because the music"s too loud.

3. It is only when we cannot see perfectly that we realize how important our eyes are.

1.根据中文提示,将对话中缺少的内容写上。这些句子必须符合英语表达习惯。打句号的地方,用陈述句;打问号的地方,用疑问句。 提示:Jackson夫人给Ellis打电话说在Ellis牙医诊所刚刚镶的牙疼得很厉害,Ellis说刚镶过的牙在一开始都会疼痛。Jackson夫人说可能是牙镶得不合适,她的下额部疼得受不了。Ellis说可以稍微调整一下,并问Jackson夫人什么时候来他的诊所。Jackson夫人说她马上就来。两人最后商定Jackson夫人于11:00到Ellis诊所就诊。

4. Foot racing is a popular activity in the United States. It"s not only seen as a competitive sport, but also as a way to exercise, to enjoy the comraderies (同志情谊) of like-minded people, and to donate money to a good cause.


Part VII Writing

0. For this part, you are supposed to write a letter in 100 -- 120 words based on the following situations. 你刚从海边度假回来,对旅行社的服务不满意,给旅行社经理写封投诉信。

八、8.Daily Conversation




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