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一、1.Vocabulary and Structure

Part I Vocabulary and StructureDirections: Each of the following sentences is provided with four choices. Choose the one that best completes the sentence. Then, mark your answer on the Answer Sheet.

0. The real trouble ______ their lack of confidence in their faculty.

A.lies inB.results inC.leads toD.brings about

1. Well, let" s put our heads together and find a(n) ______ to the problem.


2. It" s bad policy for developing countries to sacrifice environmental protection to ______ economic growth.


3. He did it ______ gratitude for everything She had done for him.

A.withB.inC.with regard toD.out of

4. Stop making so much noise, for you are ______ me in my studies.


5. The forest was ______ to a few trees by the great fire.


6. He claimed that he would be a ______ in the presidential election, and would win the election at last.


7. He is quite thoughtless, for very seldom can he ______ other people" s troubles.

A.agree withB.interfere withC.identify with

8. Let" s think of a situation ______ this idiom can be used.


9. We wouldn"t lose heart even if we ______ again.

A.would failB.failedC.had

10. The general strike is a means of ______ the total authority of the government.


11. Thoughts are expressed ______ words. all no the means of

12. She went round the room, talking to each woman in turn but ______ little response from any of them.


13. The ship ______ from behind the fog.


14. I" d rather marry a man who had a(n) ______ of humour than one who was very attractive.


二、2.Reading Comprehension

Part III Reading ComprehensionDirections: In this part there are four passages. Each passage is followed by a number of comprehension questions. Read the passages and choose the best answer to each question. Then, mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

A.Eye problems.B.Muscle problems.C.Health disorders.D.Heart trouble.

2. According to the passage, we know it"s better for the pregnant women ______. do other work than on change their computers if go back home to have a have their health tested

3. Which of the following statement is false?

A.Study shows working with VDTs would cause miscarries (流产).B.Study shows even low levels of radiation is harmful.C.Study shows working conditions rather than VDTs have the pregnancy ended unexpectedly.D.Study shows stopping working with VDTs is the best way to protect women"s health.

4. According to the passage we know most modern VDTs ______.

A.can change the working conditions for the operatorsB.can limit the dangers from the electro-magnetic radiationC.can also affect the growth of the cellsD.can protect the health of the computer operators

5. What is the best title of the passage?

A.Problems Existing in the American States.B.Working Conditions for VDTs Operators.C.Health Dangers to Workers Using VDTs.D.How to Protect the Pregnant Women.

A.The position of the sun and the moon.B.The mass of the moon.C.The wind.D.All of the above mentioned factors.

8. The principal idea of this article is ______.

A.the attraction of the sun and the moonB.the sun, the moon and the windC.the changing tideD.the factors affecting the tide

9. It can be concluded from this article that the attraction of the sun is ______.

A.more than half that of the moonB.more than that of the moonC.more than twice that of the moonD.half that of the moon

10. If the first high tide takes place at 1:00 A.M., the next high tide will probably take place at ______.

A.7:20 A.M.B.8:00 A.M.C.1:45 P.M.D.high noon

11. According to this article, it is clear that the force of the moon not as important as that of the less than half as much as the sunC.causes the alternate rise and fall of the surface of the seasD.does not influence the rise and fall of the surface of the seas

A.Crime-CyclesB.Summer CrimesC.A Time for MurderD.The Most Peaceful Month

14. According to the passage, _____.

A.there is a link between changes in the seasons and crime patternsB.crime is not linked to the cycle of the weekdaysC.there is a sure connection between murder and hot weatherD.there is a connection between robbing and murder

15. A murder would most likely occur _____.

A.on a weekend night in summerB.on a weekend afternoon in summerC.on a weekend night in winterD.on a weekday afternoon in spring

16. It is reported that more dog bites occur in ______.


17. Which of the following statements is NOT true?

A.The police records were collected from a large number of cities and towns.B.The pattern of crime varies from year to year.C.Our cycles of learning are different from those of wrong action.D.The police are not sure that humidity and murder are related.

A.Soccer is popular all over the world, but truly great players are rare.B.Millions of people all over the world are playing soccer, but only six countries have ever hadfamous stars.C.Soccer is played by millions of people all over the world, but only six countries from SouthAmerica and western Europe have ever had great national teams.D.All over the world soccer is one of the most popular games, but it seems least popular in North America or Asia.

20. The word "tricks “at the end of paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to "______".

21. Liverpool and Brazilian streets are two geographic terms used to illustrate ______.

A.where soccer players get their neighbourhood affects a soccer player"s successC.why they can produce the best soccer teamsD.what a poor, crowded area will provide a future soccer player with

22. In the last paragraph the statement "but only one became Pele" indicates that ______.

A.Pele is the greatest soccer playerB.the greatest players are born with some unique qualityC.Pele"s birthplace sets him apart from all the othersD.the success of a soccer player has everything to do with the family background

23. To get the way for a great player, a series of factors are directly mentioned, except

A.age and and and practiceD.personality and character


Part IV ClozeDirections: There are some blanks in the following passages. For each blank there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. You should choose the one that best fits into the passages. Then, mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

A.under the thumbB.below the handsC.subject to the the fingers



3.(38) much more real much realer much more actual far more in fact than


A.wiser attitudeB.most wise attitudeC.wiser of attitudesD.wisest of attitudes

5.(40) a real workB.make a real jobC.make a proper a proper job

6.(41) theB.inC.inD.for the


A.puts himself to agree withB.makes terms toC.goes to an agreement withD.comes to terms with




A.likeB.asC.similar thanD.the same that

10.(45) in a bad moodB.has the bad temperC.has the bad humourD.has lost his mood

四、4.Translation from English to Chinese

Part VI Translation from English to ChineseDirections: This part is to test your ability to translate English into Chinese.

0. Miniaturization (小型化) means making things small in size, which is of great importance for the development of the electronics industry.

1. Do not show impatience if you feel the interviewer is repeating things or asking questions that have no relevance to the matter in hand.

2. Even when people cannot understand the same language, they can share the same music. Many people learn and practice English by singing songs. Understanding American music can help you understand American people, their history and culture.

3. American eat a lot of beef because there is plenty of land for raising cattle and their meat can be shipped cheaply for long distances by railroads.

4. To develop a socialist market economy, we have no ready pattern to follow.


Part VII Writing

0. Write a composition on the topic "How to Solve the Problem of Heavy Traffic." Start writing your composition with the topic sentence: "In recent years many cities are faced with the problem of heavy traffic." You are supposed to write at least 100 words in your composition using the words and expressions given below. waste time accident solution roads crowded advantage disadvantage

六、6.Daily Conversation

2. Cashier: Can I take your order?John: ______ Could I have a cheese burger, a small order of fries, and a large Diet Pepsi.

3. Mark: Excuse me, please. Just a quick question. ______Salesperson: On the fourth floor, Sir.

4. Anna: Hi, ______Masahiro: Fine, I guess. How about you?

5. Jack: Well, it"s always difficult to choose between career and family.Tom: ______.

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