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一、1.Vocabulary and Structure

Vocabulary and StructureDirections: There are 40 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are 4 choices marked A, B, C, D. Choose the one that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.

0. Don"t ______ to let me know if there is anything I can do for you.


1. Let"s hang up some paintings on these ______ walls.

2. At the conference he expressed some personal views which later brought him into ______ with the Party leadership.


3. They have developed techniques which are ______ to those used in most factories.

A.more talentedB.betterC.greaterD.superior

4. Man must stop ______ the earth"s atmosphere.


5. No one has yet succeeded in explaining the ______ of how life began.


6. Unfortunately, very few sheep ______ the severe winter last year.

A.survivedB.enduredC.spentD.remained alive

7. They discussed the problem three or four times, but could come to no ______.


8. Well, let"s put our heads together and find ______ to the problem. answerB.a wayC.a solutionD.a method

9. The old couple decided to move out of town to a quiet ______ , where they had spent several years immediately after their marriage.


10. They overcame all the difficulties and fulfilled the plan ten days ahead of schedule, ______ was something we had not expected.


11. Bob tried in vain to trick his little brother ______ some money from their mother"s purse. stealingC.into stealD.into stealing

12. I was ______ to find his article on such an ______ topic so ______.

A.surprised, excited, boredB.surprising, exciting, boringC.surprised, exciting, boringD.surprising, excited, bored

13. It was in 1777 ______ Vermont, threatened with invasion, declared itself an independent commonwealth. whichD.which

14. ______ a professor of physics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Edward Charles Pickering established the first physics laboratory in the United States.

A.WhileB.beingC.AlthoughD.He was

15. He didn"t ______ and he failed the examination. enough hard enoughC.hard work enoughD.hard enough work

16. The two boys had so ______ in common that they soon became good friends.


17. As fuel prices rose, bus companies raised their fares, and ______. did the airlinesB.nor did the the airlines didD.nor the airlines did

18. ______ mainly for the invention of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell devoted his life to helping the deaf.

A.He is rememberedB.To rememberC.While rememberingD.Though remembered

19. If Dorothy had not been badly hurt in a car accident, ______ in last month"s marathon race.

A.she would participateB.she might participateC.she would have participatedD.she must have participated

20. If you undertake this project you are bound to ______ many difficulties.

A.encounterB.face withC.overcomeD.handle

21. I suddenly realized that he was trying to ______ quarrelling with me.


22. The three hours I spent in the school library ______ my old passion for reading.

A.brought aboutB.brought overC.brought forthD.brought back

23. Thousands of people ______ to see the parade.

A.turned offB.turned outC.turned upD.turned over

24. The real trouble ______ their lack of confidence in their abilities.

A.lies inB.lies onC.results inD.leads to

25. Recently the newspapers have reported several ______ on the boundaries of Israel and Jordan.


26. The actual cost of the building was much higher than our original ______.


27. Henry looked very much ______ when he was caught cheating in the biology exam.


28. At the beginning of this semester, our history professor ______ a list of books for us to read.

A.passed onB.fishedC.handed inD.made out

29. Here are some toys. You can ______ one or two for your little son as a birthday gift from me.

A.single outB.pick outC.take offD.word out

30. I am afraid I won"t have any influence over my 18-year-old daughter ______ her mind is made up. the order thatC.onceD.because

31. The team really looks good tonight because the coach had them ______ every night this week. practiceC.practicedD.practicing

32. Excuse me, but it is time to have your temperature ______. takeC.takeD.taken

33. Jane"s dress is similar in design ______ her sister"s.

34. ______ it is you"ve found, you must give it back to the person it belongs to.


35. Consumers should do ______ than simply complain about the poor quality of goods.

A.much lessB.some moreC.far lessD.far more

36. Beth ______ California in 1981 and ______ in Texas ever since.

A.left, workedB.has left, has wordedC.left, has workedD.has left, worded

37. Frank had worked for two years to be a carpenter, but found his progress ______.

A.discouraging and unsatisfiedB.discouraging and dissatisfiedC.discouraged and dissatisfiedD.unsatisfactory and discouraging

38. There was more than ______ rain and snow last year, so some parts of the country have been flooded this spring.


39. It was not a serious accident, the car needs only some ______ repairs.


二、2.Reading Comprehension

Reading ComprehensionDirections: There are 4 passages in this part, each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them, there are 4 choices marked A, B, C, D. You should decide on the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.

A.he has saved up enough moneyB.he has grown dissatisfied with his simple shelterC.he has satisfied his hungerD.he has learned to build houses

1. It can be inferred from the passage that by the end of the World War II most Americans ______.

A.were very richB.lived in povertyC.had the good things on the first three levelsD.did not own automobiles

2. All of the following except ______ are related to "physical satisfactions".

A.a successful careerB.a cozy homeC.a good serviceD.a family car

3. The main concern of man on the fourth level is ______.

A.the more goods the betterB.the more mental satisfaction the betterC.the more "luxury" items the betterD.the more earnings the better

4. The author is inclined to think that a fifth level ______.

A.would be little better than the fourth levelB.may be a lot more desirable than the first levelC.can be the last and most satisfying levelD.will become attainable if the government takes action

A.the attraction to people with ideas, belief and interests like our ownB.the comfortable feeling about people with physical qualities similar to oursC.the fact that people living or working closely together behave in a similar wayD.the imitation of the gestures or movements of those we are close to, or love, or admire

6. According to the author, all of the following except ______ are the deliberate uses of physical mirroring.

A.a saleswoman tilts her head after her customer to judge a color matchB.a lawyer imitates the tone of the judge’s voice and the rhythm of his speechC.sensitive people have been mirroring their friends all their livesD.a naughty boy blinks every time the teacher blinks

7. Which of the following is true?

A.Sensitive people have been mirroring their friends and acquaintances because they want to win their affection and respectB.The clever saleswoman echoes her lady customer"s movements because she is unconsciously attracted by herC.The man who imitates the judge is trying to influence himD.Physical mirroring is always flattering to those who are imitated

8. Physical mirroring can cause trouble if ______.

A.The person mirrored finds that people are drawn to himB.the mirroring ha become mockeryC.the lawyer shrugs his shoulders the way the judge has been found to be deliberately used

9. The paragraph following this passage will most probably move on to ______.

A.some ways to prevent physical mirroring from offendingB.the mirroring has become mockeryC.the lawyer shrugs his shoulders the way the judge has been found to be deliberately used Von Steuben became the general of the American the revolutionary forces came to be commanded by Washington set about asking von Steuben to train his poorly organized the Americans were compared to the British army

11. It can be inferred from the passage that training programs for the American infantry started at ______.

A.Valley ForgeB.Fort BenningC.PrussiaD.Washington"s hometown

12. The main problems with the American revolutionary forces seemed to be lack of the following except ______.

A.standardization in training and organizationB.coordination between various unitsC.strict discipline and unityD.shame and challenge

13. The writer of the passage refers to Washington"s troops as all if the following except ______.

A.revolutionary forcesB.the colonial armyC.the U.S. Army infantryD.the Continental Army

14. ______ proved to be an effective training method.

A.To use the best troops as a model for other unitsB.To establish rules and drill cruellyC.To continue training without stopD.To show what little progress there may be experience over a long period of experimenting with different trying out color on blind developing the discipline of color psychology

16. Our preferences for certain colors are ______.

A.associated with the time of the dayB.depended on our characterC.linked with our primitive ancestorsD.partly due to psychological factors

17. If people are exposed to bright red, which of the following things does not happen?

A.They breathe [asterB.They feel afraidC.Their blood pressure risesD.Their hearts beat faster

18. Which of the following statements is not true according to the passage?

A.Color probably has an effect on us which we are not conscious ofB.Yellow fire engines have caused many bad accidents in some advanced communitiesC.People exposed to pure blue start to breathe more slowlyD.The psychology of color is of some practical use

19. Which of the following could be the most suitable title?

A.The Discipline of Color PsychologyB.Color and Its ConnotationsC.The Practical Use of ColorD.Color and Feelings


ClozeDirections: Each blank in the following passage is provided with 4 choices. Read the whole passage and choose the best answer for each blank. Then, mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.













A.thousandB.thousandsC.thousand of.D.thousands of


A.whereB.which areC.with whichD.which they are




A.EvenB.Even whereC.Even thenD.Even now








A.a fewB.fewerC.littleD.less

15.(76)"s beingD.its being





18.(79) be going




1. In every case, the influential person may not consciously notice the imitation, but he will feel comfortable in its presence.

2. If you blind (眨眼) every time your target blinks, or bite your bottom lip every time he does, your mirroring has become mockery (嘲笑) and you can expect trouble.

3. Washington realized that his soldiers, shivering in rags. Needed better training if there were to be any hope of winning against the well-schooled British army.

4. Experiments have shown that colors, partly because of their physiological associations, also have a direct psychological effect.

5.Section B (英语专业学生做)Directions: In this section, there is a short passage in Chinese. Read it carefully and put it into English. 历史证明,只有坚持《联合国宪章》的宗旨和原则,坚持和平共处五项原则和国际关系准则,各国才能和睦相处,共同发展,世界和平才能得到维护和促进。为了维护中国和世界人民的根本利益,中国始终坚持独立自主的和平外交政策,主持公遭,伸张正义,为政治解决国际问题做出了独特的贡献。做为联合国常任理事国,中国将一如既往,维护安理会的权威,为维护正义,坚持《联合国宪章》的宗旨和原则,为维护世界和平与稳定进行不懈努力.


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