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一、1.Vocabulary and Structure

0. A new analysis indicates that the output of cotton______by 20% by now.

A.will have gone upB.would go upC.will go upD.has gone up

1. He wanted to become a cleaner, but his father didn"t think it was a______ profession.


2. It is very convenient for me to go to work every day because the bus runs______.

A.every-ten-minuteB.every tenth minuteC.every tenth minutesD.every ten minute

3. ______out of the taxi, he was seized by the police.

A.To stepB.When steppedC.In his steppingD.On his stepping

4. I"ve never been to Africa, but it is the place______.

A.where I most want to which I most want to visitC.I most want to visitD.that I want to visit it most

5. No sooner had I______than the play began.

A.been satB.seatedC.satD.been seated

6. He______ killed last night if he had taken part in the surprise attack on the night.

A.might beB.would beC.might have beenD.should have been

7. They are______to arrive in time owing to the heavy snowstorm.


8. His wife as well as he______invited to the business party.

A.has beenB.have beenC.hasD.are

9. The scientists have come to the conclusion, based on the signals and photographs sent back by the satellite, ______there is no life on Venus.


10. They made every effort to______the costs of the construction project.

A.bring offB.bring downC.bring backD.bring up

11. We are all for your proposal that the discussion______. put offB.was put offC.will be put offD.should put off

12. His son is quite well now, ______a slight fever. addition toD.except for

13. The violinist who had been praised very highly______ to be a great disappointment.

A.turned upB.turned outC.turned inD.turned over

14. We don"t need heating system, ______.

A.and nor we can afford itB.we don"t afford itC.nor can we afford itD.nor can it afford

15. ______ nothing to talk about, he said good-bye and went out of the room.

A.There wasB.There beingC.BeingD.There been

16. A lot of new difficulties______when the tax system came into existence.


17. What you are saying has nothing to do with the question______ discussion.


18. "Your daughter has two children, doesn"t she? " "Yes. She______ in 19"

A.marriedB.had marriedC.was married

19. Hemingway spoke highly of such______ as loyalty, courage and determination shown by human beings in his works.


20. The Great Pyramid______nearly five thousand years ago is located on the bank of the Nile River.

A.builtB.was builtC.being be built

21. There are fifty-five students applying for the position, ______ are girls.

A.two-third of whomB.second-thirds of themC.second-threes of whomD.two-thirds of whom

22. The applicant felt______ and uncomfortable when he couldn"t answer the interviewer"s questions.


23. We should value the rich legacy of literature which the old generation has______to us.

A.handed outB.handed overC.handed inD.handed down

24. Mr. Smith would just rather we ______ now, but we must go to work.

A.not leaveB.didn"t leaveC.are not to leaveD.won"t leave

25. He didn"t seem to mind______TV while he was reading. to watchB.that I watchingD.being watched

26. The news came as a shocking blow that the young man had ______ suicide.


27. The higher you stand, ______.

A.the farther you can can see fartherC.the more farther you can seeD.the farther can you see

28. She was so ______ in the computer games that she forgot to have class.


29. There is no______ arguing about it, just do as you are told.


二、2.Word Formation

0. ______(origin) , she was a very shy person.

1. He is majoring in______( politician).

2. Not paying attention to anything his colleagues say, he ______ (frequency) doesn"t know what"s happening in the company.

3. You don"t have to be (religion) ______ to respect other people"s religion.

4. Since competition is viewed as the major source of progress and prosperity by most Americans, ______(competition) business institutions are respected.

5. It is (certainty) ______ that he will come tomorrow.

6. Correct (decide) ______ came when the referees (裁判) were moving at a speed of about 2 meters per second.

7. Look"that little boy is (real)______ a gifted boy.

8. In Britain, water will soon be metered, like gas and ______(electrical).

9. The first phase involved the______(preserve) of wild life through laws and hunting regulations.


A.transfer of materials and finished productsB.manufacturing of materials and finished productsC.inventory of materials and finished productsD.both A and C

2. The logistical process increases value by______.

A.manufacturingB.inventory flowC.finished productsD.operational management

3. In the last paragraph, the writer gives the examples of logistical operations in order to show that______.

A.a large retailer purchases products for resaleB.a consumer has to pick up or deliver products himselfC.logistics is important to an enterprise and needs continuous managementD.a large manufacturer has to deliver products to its customer

4. The paragraph following the last one in the passage will probably discuss______.

A.inventoryB.manufacturing supportC.physical distributionD.procurement

5. The main idea of the passage is about______.

A.moving inventoryB.logistical operationsC.transformation of materials and finished of materials and finished products do some read it from cover to find separate predict what is inside the newspaper

8. Which of the following statements about news stories is TRUE?

A.News stories reflect the opinions of the publisher and editor.B.News stories contain both facts and opinions.C.News stories tell the facts without any comments.D.News stories express the writers" opinions.

9. If you want to read some less important news without any details, you can read______.

A.the lead paragraphs of the news on the front pagesB.the headlines on the inside items on the front pagesD.the headlines of some current news on the front pages

10. The best way for reading newspapers is to______. extensively and often and with certain occasionally and them in detail everyday

11. The main idea of the passage is______. to find important news to read to tell apart different news to read stories and editorials

A.the greenhouse effectB.the potential effect of air pollutionC.the burning of fossil fuelsD.the probability of a new ice age

14. As described at the beginning of the passage, people used to think that air pollution______.

A.had damaging effects on healthB.existed merely in urban and industrial areasC.affected the entire eastern half of the United StatesD.caused widespread damage in the countryside

15. As far as the greenhouse effect is concerned, the author______.

A.thinks that it will destroy the world soonB.rejects it as it is uncertain of its occurrenceD.shares the same view with the scientists

16. The word "offset" in the 2nd paragraph could properly replaced by

A.set upB.make up forC.slip upD.catch up with

17. It can be inferred from the passage that______.

A.raising the world"s temperature only a few degrees would not do much harm to life on the earthB.almost no temperature variations have occurred over the past decadeC.lowering the world"s temperature merely a few degrees would lead many major farming areas to disasterD.the world temperature will remain constant in the years to come

A.the success in climbing up the mountainB.the environment pollution of the mountainC.the equipment for their trip to the mountainD.the risks facing the mountain climbers

20. From the passage we will learn that the clean-up effort______. the largest one supported by Sherpas opposed by the local encouraged by the American the greatest one ever made in the world

21. Team leader Mr. Hoffman hopes to turn Mountain Everest into______.

A.a place with no pollution at allB.its former state a few years agoC.its original condition half a century agoD.the cleanest mountain in the world

22. On the trip up the mountain, the American team plans______. tell climbers not to leave waste make Everest even cleaner than it take away all the trash they could find collect and treat human waste before the ice melted

23. The best title for the passage is probably______.

A.Pollution on Mountain EverestB.A Risky Trip Up Mount EverestC.Mount Everest—Clean-up EffortD.Robert Hoffman and His Clean-up Team


A.WhenB.BeforeC.Ever sinceD.Ever

2.(62) theD.on the




A.StillB.Even ifC.ThoughD.Although






A.wouldn"t existB.wouldn"t have existedC.doesn"t existD.has existed


A.Even ifB.DespiteC.AlthoughD.However


A.promisedB.being be promised

10.(70) understoodD.the understanding


Section ADirections: Translate the following English into Chinese.

0. In Britain today women make up 44% of the workforce, and nearly half the mothers with children are in paid work.

1. It is useful to be able to predict the extent to which a price change will affect supply and demand.

2. We love peace, yet we are not the kind of people to yield to any military threat.

3. Whenever circumstances permitted, they would come and lend us a helping hand.

4. It won"t make much difference whether you leave or stay.


Section BDirections: Translate the following Chinese into English.

0. 正式语言主要用于政府报告、考试作文和商业信函中。

1. 据当地报纸报道,昨天这家银行遭到抢劫。

2. 直到天黑了,他才意识到太晚了而无法回家。

3. 既然你明天就要动身,今晚我们可以一起共进晚餐。

4. 英国人对不同的文化和不同的做事方式不太熟悉,这种情况在其他国家也是如此。


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